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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Staging Realtors...how can the non staging Realtor compete?

Our hometown newspaper (The Cincinnati Enquirer) featured an article titled “Setting a Scene that Sells” and “Realtors have plenty of stage tricks to boost sales”.

The article showcased only Realtors that stage their own listings and for the 6% commission they charge, the staging and loan of props is included. According to the article, these staging Realtors spend about $100-150 per listing. You can read only a portion of the article online here.

I think this is a wonderful talent to have as a Realtor but it got me thinking. What about all the other hardworking, wonderful, experienced Realtors out there that do not stage their own listings? Most agents just do not have the interest, talent, or time to do this.

So how do these Realtors compete?

Since homeowners are watching and becoming quite educated by shows like “Designed to Sell” and “Sell this house” and all the other media they read or watch about staging, homeowners will be looking for Realtors that stage or at least offer staging services as part of their marketing plan.

How will you compete? Simple. Partner up with a professional Stager and include them as part of your team! Let the staging professional handle all the details of properly preparing and staging your listings.

Don’t lose a listing because you don’t offer staging services...A Stager on your team can be a tremendous asset in growing your business.

Happy clients=More Referrals.

Teresa Meyer is the owner of www.stageastar.com , a full service professional home staging company in Cincinnati, Ohio serving Butler, Hamilton, and Warren counties. Cincinnati Home Staging....helping Sellers, Realtors, and Investors prepare their home and listings for the Cincinnati real estate market.

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