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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Staging rentals can benefit Investors

My husband just finished rehabbing a property that he bought in June and planned to keep it as a rental. It turned out great and I decided to stage it with some accessories before he started to show it to potential renters. I made up a flyer with the staged pictures to put in the tube on the For Rent sign. Well...what a response we got! My husband showed the house and accepted applications from a huge number of people wanting to rent the property. He also kept getting follow up calls asking if he had made his choice. Time and time again, comments about how nice the house looked came from everyone that viewed the property.

Regardless if you are renting a home or buying it is really no different from a stager's standpoint. As an investor with property to rent, think about staging your investment. Creating a warm and inviting place to call home will give you an edge over your competition. And I’ll bet you’ll find that when you market a “staged” rental property, you’ll increase your pool of potential renters and you’ll rent it much faster.


If you are an investor in the Cincinnati area (Hamilton, Butler, Warren counties), Stage a Star would love to stage your rental investments. Please contact me for more information.